Trouble maker

„In my paintings, drawings, objects and videos, I deal with a turbulent immediacy on a formal and thematic level, which I perceive both in the relationship between people and nature or the environment, as well as in the collective interaction of different kinds, e.g. between people. Under the motto trouble maker, I place my work in the context of feminist and scientific concepts that pursue constructive ways of living together on our planet in exchange with resources and machines.“


Anna Steinert’s works, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and video, are inherently vibrant thanks to her characteristically broad color spectrum. Scribbling saturated colors onto her canvas with oil stick, she forms singular entities that together build a perceptive landscape that, in a further step, dissolves into a collective feeling. Her brash application of color is done in a physically vigorous act of disturbance, yet her paintings evoke an expressional beauty that is visually comforting. Steinert draws on a vast library of visual, literary, and theoretical influences, which she explores through a feminist lens.

Her abstract, gestural paintings condense situational complexities and serve as starting points for the reconstruction of significant political, societal, and personal moments. Her practice is a form of resistance against patriarchal conditions and aims to expand the visibility of themes, such as female communities, ecology, and dissimilar forms of sourcing energy.